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  • ARJ Remodeling team has over the years remodeled many kitchens from small to big where the customer's vision and requirements were not only met but surpassed.  Many homeowner's when searching for a kitchen remodeling contractor tend to work with big box stores like Home Depot who themselves contract out the work to other kitchen remodeling contractors, but in the whole process, the requirements are sometimes missed and the work completed is not up to par.  ARJ Remodeling team works directly with customer's in understanding their needs and making it a goal to give them a finished product that they would be proud of for years to come.  A complete kitchen remodeling project is backed by our one year warranty period, if any issues with the workmanship, then it is fixed at no extra cost to the customer.  

  • Kitchen Remodeling requires tasteful selection of appliances, kitchen cabinets, kitchen backsplash and even the flooring.  ARJ Remodeling team works with the customer to make sure all these choices are creating a kitchen that not only looks great but functions great. 

    With the ever changing landscape of open space concepts, many homeowners are looking to take down walls that separate kitchen from the living area and we frequently handle those sort of projects also.  The end product is a open space kitchen, with the addition of a new island that compliments the kitchen cabinets style and color to give it an additional boost to an already spanking new kitchen space.  

    Kitchen's when remodeled or updated, do have a tendency to bring in more money at the time of sale or even increase your home's value in the market.  One can expect to get back up to 92% of the remodeling cost of a kitchen when the house is sold and this says a lot about kitchen remodeling.  As more and more customer's look to improve the resale value of a home, a kitchen remodeling project would be the best return on investment.  Next time you are searching online for a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor near me, do make sure to include ARJ Remodeling team in your conversations as we are sure to beat all quotes and give your kitchen a warranty for the workmanship that will be provided.  

    We also work with some of the best vendors in the market, since durability and quality is high on our list, we have actually sourced for the best material already so you can be assured you are selecting materials that are not only modern and up to code but also last longer than Home Depot products.  From Vanity selections to tile selections, we refer you to some of the best in Atlanta Market to choose from and we are happy to see all customer's that have worked with us have had no complaints about the material provided.  This is the ARJ Remodeling team working tirelessly to bring the best to your home.