• Bathroom Remodeling in Suwanee – Experience Our Bathroom Project

  • Your bathroom should be an oasis to escape to throughout the day. When you enter, you should feel a sense of calm wash over you.

    This experience can be reached when you consider bathroom remodeling. Every decision you make from thinking about bathroom remodeling to the culmination of beginning the project will contribute to the overall experience you have upon completion.

    Prior to getting started, you want to follow a few important steps to remodel a bathroom. In order to be fully prepared, here is our bathroom remodel checklist:


    Setting a specific budget (and maybe keeping an “emergency” budget in mind for things that come up during the remodeling process) will help tremendously for when you choose fixtures, accessories, paint, tile, etc. Without a budget, the expense could rise quickly. So, designate a budget with a little padding for unexpected expenses and stick to that number as closely as possible.


    Taking proper measurements of the overall space and the fixture sizes will help the project move along at a steadier pace. Having those numbers ahead of time also shows your readiness to get the ball rolling. Writing down the dimensions and sizes of everything will make the fixture shopping easier. Check and recheck your numbers at least twice to ensure you measured correctly. Keep them all organized in a folder if at all possible for simple accessibility.


    Deciding what you will be replacing or keeping when remodeling helps set the tone for the feel and design of the bathroom as well as tieing in the budgeting. Figuring out if you are replacing pipes, donating old fixtures, upgrading the tub or shower, etc directly correlates with the remaining steps to remodel a bathroom. Make arrangements accordingly once you determine what route you will take with each (like where you will take fixtures to donate).


    Locating the water shutoff valves to prevent flooding when removing fixtures, and looking for any leaks or deterioration will help the bathroom remodel contractors and save time and money. Buying plastic sheeting for the project should be a priority as well (unless provided by the contractor you choose). No one wants to waste time or money on cleaning up water, going in after a remodel if a leak gets overlooked, or cleaning up debris from the remodeling and not having a sheet protecting the room.


    Incorporating your vision into the bathroom, while maintaining the purpose and usability of each item in the room. You want every piece to coordinate, connect, and compliment when adding them to the space. Find inspirational photos for colors, ideas, and style. Make a checklist of what you’d like to change and “must-haves” when remodeling the oasis. The more information you provide, the closer to your mental image the bathroom remodel contractors will be able to capture.


    Choosing who you work with to deliver your aesthetics and concept takes some time. You need to ask questions, check references, and look at past work to see specialties and work quality. Someone (or a team) that compliments your style and fits the way in which you communicate will ultimately be what you should look for in a bathroom remodel contractor (or contracting team). Be sure to get an estimate or proposal prior to doing business with them, also. In doing so, you restrict unforseen costs from popping up.


    Don’t forget to plan for an alternative bathroom to use during the bathroom remodeling project, as well! The backup bathroom will be a necessity. You can also find more information and details for your checklist if you have a shared bathroom or bigger hot water needs in this article by This Old House. If you want checklists to be able to print and keep track of measurements and elements in your own folder – to have all of the information easily accessible – try looking through the different lists available in the QM Drain’s article here.

    Once you have all of your preparations in order, just enjoy watching the process and witnessing your dream bathroom come to life.

    What goes into a bathroom remodel from demolition to fruition may be extensive depending on each decision and choice.

    One Project Closer includes an in-depth look at the bathroom remodeling process in this article. To summarize what you may find:


    You get to witness the scrapping of the old to begin the project. Removing all of the old fixtures, tub, toilet, vanity, towel bars, big and small pieces alike starts the process off on the right foot. The goal is to get your bathroom to the bare bones for a fresh canvas to build upon. Rip out the old to make room for the new. Some view this as cathartic and exciting!

    Map Out Plumbing

    Placing a rough estimation of where the sinks will be, shower controls, and other important parts marries the creative concepts to the functional realities in the room. Each of our plumbers at ARJ Remodeling hold the skills necessary to take care of the renovation needs for your new and improved bathroom. You want plumbing to be done right the first time – otherwise, all the efforts are for naught. No one should have to go back in after a bathroom remodel. Rest assured, with ARJ Remodeling, your expectations will be met, if not exceeded.

    Grab-bar Installation

    As One Project Closer mentions, you must install “grab bars 33 – 36″ off the floor so they’ve added blocking in between the studs” per ADA specifications. Size, location, and spacing is all included in the requirements from the ADA. You can read more about the specifics (including general, cross section, spacing, position, surface hazards, fittings, installation, and structural strength) on this page of the ADA Compliance Directory.

    Subfloor Preparation

    Whether you are laying the subfloor for tile or laminate or some other type of flooring, you must ensure the proper water resistance and endurance in plywood, glues, and adhesives to prevent swelling or warping over time. Picking the right material will defend against needing to replace subflooring from exposure to moisture in a bathroom remodel. Enhanced OSB (oriented strand board) has structural differences to plywood that qualifies it as a better subfloor option. “Many older homes due to neglect and not being upto county codes, have increased their chances of bathroom floors caving in because the subfloors are rotted from all the water leaks and cannot support the weight of a person. So it is imperative to lay new framing before backerboards are installed to create a safe place for everyone” says Tom our Lead estimator for ARJ Remodeling.

    Electric Positioning

    Effective placement of vent fans and lighting (recessed or otherwise) involves an electrician’s touch. Staying up-to-code and having enough power supply proves essential when bathroom remodeling. You don’t want to short out the system or blow a fuze due to lack of planning in this department. Lucky for you, we at ARJ Remodeling have comprehensive knowledge in electrical needs and are able to accommodate you in this area. Electrical safety in a bathroom remodel should be a big priority.

    Hanging Concrete Board/Backer Boards

    For shower walls and floors, concrete board is required by State Laws and preferred for positioning under tile. Why, you ask? Concrete board resists mold and moisture and also doesn’t break down when coming in contact with water. As previously mentioned with subflooring, you want to have a great quality material that holds up well to moisture to stave off the need to replace anything in the near future. Fixing rotting or deteriorating materials would defeat the purpose, right?

    Tiling Time!

    Our team at ARJ Remodeling has over 20 years of experience in tile installation. This step initiates the transformation of the finished look of the space. Now, a glimpse of what you dreamed of should start to take shape. Whether you desire a simple install or a custom designed mosaic, your idea can be created. Up to this point, the frame, structure, and “behind the scenes” elements were being tended to. The tile work signifies the stage being set for the final act of the bathroom remodeling.

    Vent Away

    After ensuring the wiring was placed correctly and placement was right, now’s the prime time to install the bathroom vent fan. You know how vital ventilation in a bathroom is for the shower, toilet, and bathroom – steam and smells don’t stand a chance. The right venting system will also inhibit the need to replace items from damage after exposure to moisture. Are you sensing a bathroom remodeling trend, here? The most important aspect is keeping too much moisture from sitting in the room and remaining on the materials in the room.

    Open and Shut

    Once you’ve got those vital pieces finished, the shower doors need installed (if they are part of the concept and design, of course). That would be an open and shut case. Sliding doors, swinging, or whatever you have decided on will help complete your vision that much more. Hardware for the doors (if needed) can also complement the design by coordinating with the fixtures and accessories you’ve chosen for the space.

    Vanity Visualization

    The vanity needs to be readied for installation first by cutting holes for the plumbing and adding a toe-kick and spacer. Then, insert the bathroom vanity, and voila! Your bathroom remodeling scoots closer to the finish line. Your vanity countertop can be just as difficult to choose as the vanity itself. Knowing that the countertop matches the decor and style flawlessly will be comforting. Your bathroom remodeling contractor should be able to aid in this selection.


    Your dream come true! After wrapping up some loose ends like the accessories, medicine cabinet, toilet, towel bar, and light fixtures, you have your new restroom oasis. Your zen escape for bathing and relieving needs has been achieved. Revel and relish the success and soak in the calm exuding from the end product.

    Take a walk along the process in one of our recent bathroom remodeling projects in Suwanee, Georgia for inspiration:

    Color Choice

    Using simple greys and whites adds an elegant look with a much softer touch than a black accent may provide. Being devoid of bright colors or dark features and fixtures allows the light to bounce around. The light enhances each element and provides a peaceful ambiance. The window placement creates an openness to the room with natural light provided and reduces the need for too many, or extra, light fixtures. Limiting the colors to greys and whites gives the bathroom a monochromatic feel almost, which enables the use of some elaborate tile work that feels sophisticated rather than busy and distracting in the room. Selecting fixtures that heighten the polished and refined feel really seals the experience.


    A conscious decision for a walk-in shower and separate soaker tub does not detract from the space. Rather, using the same accent piece within the tile work of the vines and leaves (almost like arrows directing your eyes around the bathroom) around both actually enhances the experience you have when using the room. Shower tile installation can be as simple and complex as you seek. Whatever strikes your fancy for your mental bathroom depiction.


    The tile used for the floor is delicately accentuated by a more intricate stone shower bottom. Designing a stonework flooring in the shower produces a beautiful focal point within the bathroom. Not only does it provide a great prime focus, but the stones bring an essence of being outside into the room. Settling an inset shelf into the shower with a similar stone design as the floor ties the construction and effect all together. You feel like the zen of the outdoors flows through the water splashing onto the pebbles. What a phenomenal feeling to have when escaping your daily chaos, stress, and hustle.

    Those small touches go a long way in your bathroom remodeling. You can completely change the impression a bathroom makes by an accent color or tile design choice. The bathroom remodel contractor you pick proves equally as impactful.

    A great contractor will enhance your ideas and make suggestions to support your wishes (and budget) effectively. Find out more about ARJ Remodeling by visiting our About Us Page.

    Bathroom quotes can guide your process in the right direction, also.

    ARJ Remodeling would love to help you bring your bathroom remodeling vision to life – simply fill out this form for an estimate on your project. Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations. We grant our clients the utmost care for a memorable encounter to continue a life-long remodeling relationship.