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  • ARJ Remodeling team has over 20 years in bathroom renovation and installation of all the items needed for a bathroom to function properly and adequately.  Our experience working on homes in Atlanta area gives us the indication that homes older than 20 years are not up to code and they tend to leak lot more into spaces below and create problems of mold for homeowners.  We are constantly working with clients to not only educate them about the need for waterproofing walls but also making the right decisions so that the bathroom looks great, incase they would like to sell their property in the near future.  



  • Over the years, we have worked with plenty homeowners in designing their bathrooms whether it is half bathroom design or full bathroom design.  Bathroom remodeling does add value to a home and upwards of 80% that can be recouped when the house is sold.  We work with you to understand the requirements and create a space that is not only up to code but also installed correctly.

    We make sure before any tile is installed that we have waterproofed the walls and floors with backer boards so there is no leakage downstairs or through the walls.  We also use high grade grout that is much more durable and stronger than the grout found at Home Depot.  We have had many stories of customers who ended up redoing their bathrooms with us because it was not installed correctly and created a lot of problems for the homeowners.  We also work with some of the best tile and cabinet vendors in atlanta area and this helps in producing a finished project that a customer is proud to use.  A complete bathroom remodeling project is warranted for 1 year from the time of completion, so you can be assured we stand by our service and commitment to our customers.  A one stop shop for all your bathroom remodeling needs, ARJ Team handles all tile installation, sink installation, mirrors, bathroom light fixtures, toilet installation etc.  All work is completed by our crew and nothing is contracted out, so you can be  assured it is being done right without the hassle of too many sub contractors.  Call us today to make an appointment, we promise to exceed your bathroom remodeling expectations.